Our precision machine shop can run as few as 500 custom machined parts to several million. If needed, we will run even smaller quantities for prototypes or as research projects.

We have open capacity for small jobs, and will add capacity as needed to keep our lead times to 4 – 6 weeks ARO.

As part of our commitment to establishing longstanding relationships with our customers, we will certainly purchase dedicated equipment for long-running jobs.

R&H Machine Products will celebrate our 50-year anniversary as a precision machine shop in 2017. We have been under current management since 1995.

Yes, in many instances we feel blanket orders for a 12-month period benefit both our customer and us. Please contact our president, Denny Grice, to see if a blanket order is best for you.

Our precision machine shop now covers 20,500 sq. ft. We have the capacity to double our productivity at this facility, and have enough connecting property to build an additional 30,000 sq. ft. facility.

We primarily use the top quality American steel suppliers. However, in certain categories where foreign suppliers have a demonstrated quality superiority, we will specify their steel instead. The common denominator is that R&H only sources top grade steel for our customers.

Our senior team has a total of nearly 90 years manufacturing experience. Your job will be handled by people who have “been there – done that.” Not by someone getting on-the-job training.